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StartSmart provides consulting and training services that help our clients envision, build and deploy a differentiated IT capability that creates shareholder value.

We have developed a practical, quantitative and easy to use framework and approach that can quickly cut over 10% off IT budgets and build IT ROI more...

Our clients have many options to use this framework to align their business with IT:
  • Management Consulting Services: Our team can manage and execute the entire program - from assessment to implementation.
  • Do it yourself: We provide training in IT Strategy and our frameworks so our clients can run the program on their own. This training can be delivered in person or online. Along the way, we can act as Subject Matter Experts to answer questions or help and facilitate the process in other ways.

For more information, please read this presentation or contact us

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test IT Value Mapping:

Why do some IT organizations create unprecedented shareholder value, while others earn the contempt of their business leaders?

It is no secret that aligning IT with business improves IT ROI, what is often in doubt is how to make it happen.
  • Can you say with certainty that your IT is aligned with business?
  • Can you prove it?

If improving IT ROI is an imperative for you, read on. This paper will show you how to improve ROI by 10% or more…and we can prove it!


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