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Enterprise Architecture Planning
Our Expertise
Our Perspective
StartSmart provides consulting services that help our clients create sustainable business results through efficiently and effectively managing IT Assets - applications, information and infrastructure.

Uses Business Objects to capture key concepts in the business domain. The structure of these objects captures data and infrastructure while the methods capture processes. At various degrees of specialization this model is used from strategy to implementation

Value Proposition:
  • Optimizes investment in IT assets
  • Bridges the business and IT communication gap
  • Single framework and closed loop approach facilitates the creation, monitoring and adjustment of value from strategy to implementation
  • Concise representation of the current and future state of IT assets of multi-billion dollar corporations
    - Convergence of all layers of enterprise architecture – application, data and technology
    - Convergence of logical and physical layers
    - Facilitates migration through “point-in-time” views

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